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Alberta Ranch Vacations

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See what new memories can be made in the badlands of the prairies.

Let us provide the scenery to your wedding or event.


Have a staycation and see what local beauty has to offer

Your unique vacation in the heart of alberta

Badlands Ranch Vacations wants to be part of your memories. Staycation, vacation, wedding, family reunion, corporate/personal retreat, honeymoon, or bridal shower. Whatever function you have in mind, we would love to make it happen.

Located in the heart of Alberta, surrounded by badlands, prairies, rivers, and creeks to get your body moving and your eyes smiling. A large country house will meet all your comforts, wants and needs. Care to sleep under the stars in a prairie sky? We’ve got you covered with a luxury teepee.

Hike the badlands and native prairie and take a step like the moccasins have before you. Nibble the native fruit and photograph what nature has to offer. Trek over to Big Knife provincial park only minutes away, have a visit at the historic Halkirk Hotel and find local treasures in Stettler. Local businesses are the heart of a community and this community has a big heart.

A bride’s dream come true with wide open spaces for the ceremony greeting loved ones and friends for their reception. The year-round venue will be your private paradise while you are there.

Uncover, experience and explore
at the beautiful Badlands Ranch Vacations


Grand Opening June 2021

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Whatever comes to mind, let Badlands ranch vacations be a part of it.